Allen Kaplan // SWE
Allen Kaplan // SWE
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WheyPal -- Your Workout Buddy Finder // EECS 4314 Advanced Software Engineering

September 2020 - December 2020

Golang Vue.js Vuex Docker Kubernetes ElasticSearch Redis PostgreSQL Amazon Web Services

Architected system by designing a Vue.JS + Go web platform to match users as workout partners. Used Go, SQL & Redis to create a service-oriented architecture with API Gateway. Implemented DevOps and CI/CD pipeline with Docker, Kubernetes & Elastic on AWS

TheSmartShopper.Online -- Shopping, but smarter // EECS 4312 Software Requirements Engineering

October 2020 - December 2020

Golang Vue.js Vuex Docker PostgreSQL Amazon Web Services

Led the development of a 6 person team in implementing a system for optomizing time to find items for customers to increase efficency during COVID-19.

Rendezvous - Brickhack 7 // CockroachDB Prize

Feburary 2021

Golang React.js Docker CockroachDB Google Cloud Platform Firebase

Created a 3-tier web platform to create 'rendezvous'' through matching users based on interest at locations around them. Now, people can focus on where they want to go instead of who they want to go with. Our team won the CockroachDB Prize for use of the platform to enable large scale matchmaking. - HackTheNorth++

January 2021

Golang Vue.js Vuex Docker CockroachDB Google Cloud Platform Firebase

Throughout this hackathon, I mentored a team of new students who had never bmuilt a project before. Our project, is a flexible online platform for connecting mentors and mentees in a way that encourages user retention.

Paers - Hackville20201

Febuary 2021

Flutter Dart Google Cloud Platform Firebase

Paers lets users select their specific personal attributes like their religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and helps them meet mentors, and peers who are willing to share their experiences. They will get a guide on how to be successful in life and their educational path.

Hunter x Hunter Card Shop // EECS 4413 E-Commerce Systems

January 2020 - April 2020

Java Apache Tomcat Java Servlets REST API JSON SQL DB2 HTML CSS JavaScript

On a team of 4 people, I worked as the project manager and systems desicner to create an e-commerce solution. The Masadora Card Shop was based on the fictional card shop based on the book and show 'Hunter x Hunter'. System was created through Java Tomcat with an MVC framework and SQL database.

Radio Reader

January 2019 - April 2019


Built with Golang in August 2019 to add microservices communicating through gRPC and concurrency. Used cron jobs to perform HTTP GET requests to web player’s API which stored responses to a SQL database. Developed analytics dashboard of the most played songs, most played artists and new songs this week.

TalkBox -- NLP x Assistive Speech Device // EECS 2311 Software Development Project

August 2018 - September 2018

Java Jenkins CI/CD

Developed by a team of three people, the assistive speech device named TalkBox supports individuals who are unable to speak. With the Natural Language Generation Java Library, the TalkBox allows the user to select various nouns, verbs and pronouns to generate sentences that are then read with text-to-speech. The TalkBox simulator and configuration apps are derived from the TalkBox Community Research Project, which has been undertaken by faculty and students of the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University to provide a low-cost open-source, open-hardware Speech Generating Device for those who need such devices.